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Did you recently find a water spot on your ceiling? Even small water spots are a sign of water damage, which could lead to mold growth. Dane Contracting and Roofing is a general contractor in Evansville, IN that can prevent further damage to your home or business with our roof repair services.

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When it comes to something as important as updating your home, you want to find a trusted and experienced company. We've been in business since 2007, giving us the knowledge and expertise needed to provide exceptional home remodels and roof installations. We take pride in offering high-quality services for affordable prices. Call us today at 812-319-8671 to schedule an appointment with our roofing or home remodeling contractor.

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Updating your home doesn't have to be a stressful process. We want to act as your go-to home remodeling contractor which is why we offer a variety of services, such as:



Do you need any of the above services? Talk to our general contractor today to get a free quote for any installation or repair.